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Samudra Cipta Engineering (SCE) is present in your midst by providing convenience services, the best solutions and competitive prices to become a true partner in providing services in the field of Mecanical Electrical Engineering, procurement of electrical equipment, Bureau of engineering and maintenance services.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
SCE is a team that is experienced in electrical and mechanical engineering, and is ready to assist you in completing projects.

Service & Maintance
SCE, which is supported by an experienced engineering team, is ready to serve you with full commitment. Preparing to take care of your asset assets related to machinery and electrical equipment includes medium voltage electrical panel (MV) and low voltage and network panels.

SCE is here to provide convenience, and guarantee the availability of materials, with quality goods because we are supported by experienced suppliers in the industrial and technological fields

SCE will provide quality products in accordance with standards and refer to your request


Steel Erection Construction
Flourescent Lamp
PMT Reconditioning
MV & LV Recondition Panel
Installation of control cables
Electrical panel installation

Capasitor Bank
Low Voltage Switchgear
Motor Control Center (MCC)
Syncrone Genset Panel
ATS AMF panel
Marshalink Kiosk
Panel Distribution
You are supported by many suppliers because SCE has collaborated with some of the best suppliers, Automatic support supports you to get competitive prices and supply fast and quality materials.

We are ready to help you for all your mechanical electrical needs.

Head Office: Ruko Center Poin Blok G6 Ds.Kemangsen, Krian - Sidoarjo - East Java

Phone: 031 898 5009

Mobile: 0812 40590 735/0813 3308 1473/082 3327 96090

Fax: 031 898 5009

Email: @ / agus.s @


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Jual Panel Listrik Harga Murah

Samudra Cipta Engineering menjual berbagai macam tipe dan ukuran Panel Listrik. Produk Panel Listrik yang Kami jual sudah di jamin memiliki kualitas bagus dan harga yang terjangkau.

Jual Trafo Berkualitas

Samudra Cipta Engineering menjual trafo (transformer). Trafo yang Kami jual memiliki kualitas yang bagus dan harga jual yang bersaing. Untuk informasi silahkan menghubungi kami.

Produsen Panel Listrik

Samudra Cipta Engineering merupakan produsen panel listrik terbesar di Indonesia, panel listrik yang Kami jual merupakan produk yang berkualitas dan harga panel listrik yang Kami tawarakan relatif lebih murah dari pasaran.

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