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28 Jan 2019
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UPS To House,

How about when you're fun-fun work, already had hours you are in front of a computer forgot not made the save data regularly and sudden power loss, or how you're watching football on the TV screen team your favorite and suddenly it is not No notice of any electrical bahw die suddenly. or how when your child is engrossed in studying at night and all of a sudden power failure. There is only one answer from it all, you psti very disappointed, cursing the service provider Electricity (PLN) and others.

There are various alternatives to resolve it all including:

1. Use Candles

2. Wearing Genset

3. Using UPS.

Of the three alternatives are to use the UPS is a reliable solution, in addition to free from the danger of fire due to fire, not noisy and of environmental friendly.

We bring the UPS to scale house, where UPS is able to support the weight scale for the home such as lights at night, turn on the TV, Computer Device Turning, Turning Pump etc., with a capacity of 440 Watts with a long life with a full load is 4 hours. sehigga activity or activity at night when the power goes out, your work is not interrupted.

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